103T90-T curve shape tempered glass black powder coating range hood 90cm

Dimple 103T range hood has a slope design, and outer oil collector that provides better oil collection. It features a filterless concept, which is detachable. You can take it out and clean it easily. It comes with a 3-speed touch panel, together with gesture control, which avoids poor touch by greasy hands. 9-minute heat auto-clean function ensures easy cleaning! The black tempered glass panel is also detachable, therefore maintenance is super efficient and easy. Featuring high suctioning power up to 850m³/h, it can better traps the unwanted grease, smoke, odors, and vent it out of your kitchen. Lastly, curved shape tempered glass, and black powder coating body, makes it super easy to clean!

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Model No. 103T90-T Filter Filterless concept
Finish Black powder coating Oil collector Stainless steel
Airflow 850m3/h Blower Metal Blower
Motor power 180W Auto-clean Heat Auto-clean
Control 3-Speed Gesture Control Packing Dimensions (W*D*H) 945*580*505mm
Lamp LED 2x1.5W Loading QTY (20GP/40HQ) 106/261pcs
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