108X60C Inclined Series Range Hood 60cm
108X60C Eğimli Seri Davlumbaz 60cm

If you want a clean kitchen, you need a kitchen chimney to help you vent the smokes out of your kitchen. This high suction model is a perfect choice for kitchens which generate big oil and smoke.

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108X60C Eğimli Seri Davlumbaz 60cm

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This product has a special feature – gesture control, yukarıdaki ürünlerde bulunmayan. Sadece elini sallayarak, emiş hızını kontrol edebilirsiniz. Ayrıca tek dokunuşlu bir kontrol paneline sahiptir; you can also use it for operation.


The suction power of 850m3/hr which ensures effective removal of oils, grease and other gases. Though the suction power is high, it doesn’t produce much noise so you can peacefully concentrate on your cooking.


This kitchen also has auto-clean technology. With this option, you no longer have to dirty your hands for cleaning the chimney. With just one click, the auto-clean feature will generate some heat to force the oil, grease and other residues to move in a collector can. If you can just clean the can once in a while, then it will be sufficient enough.


With no filters, the consumable and maintenance cost is absolutely zero. The 2 LED lights provided on each corner of the chimney provides sufficient light for cooking.


model numarası. 108X60C Filtrele Filterless concept
Bitiş Black powder coating + Black tempered glass Yağ toplayıcı Paslanmaz çelik
Hava akımı 850m³/h Üfleyici Metal Üfleyici
Motor gücü 200W Otomatik temizleme Otomatik temizleme ısı
Kontrol 3 Hızlı Dokunmatik Kontrol Ambalaj Ölçüleri (G * D * Y) 660*465*435
Lamba LED 2x1.5W QTY yükleniyor (20GP / 40HQ) 246pcs/510pcs
Teslimat & Hizmet Her seferinde zamanında teslimat. Her üründe her müşteriye güvenilir hizmet ve sorumluluk sağlamak. Hedefimiz her müşteriyi en iyi hizmetle memnun etmektir..

built in cooker hood chimney range hood built in cooker hoodchimney range hood built in cooker hood


All the metal parts were produced in our metal plant, we have strict inspection to mange quality of each parts. After inspection, these metal parts are delivered to assembly line. During assembling, these metal parts are checked again by the assembling workers to ensure no scratches or damage on the surface, all the dimensions are correct.


The PCB production line produces high quality PCB for our range hoods. At assembly line, we’ve adopted MES system to manage the whole process to ensure every workers do their jobs correctly. The TV display screen shows the real date of the production lines. It helps to improve production capacity, and quality control.


After assembly, the cooker hoods go through strict inspections by our QC. They check the appearance, basic functions, packages carefully before placing all the finished cooker hoods to the warehouse.

Q.what kind of options you have in control for this kitchen hood ?
Bir: We have motion sensor control and Android system control, Android system control will be 100 USD extra compare to motion sensor control.


Q.What is motion touch control ?
Bir: It is one kind of touch control which you can just wave your hand to operate the range hood without touching the control buttons. Because during cooking, there might be some water or oil on your hand, it might affect the touch sensor, therefore, with motion touch will be easier for the cooker to operate the range hood.




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