GHG76-311F Full brass burner gas hob stove with 3 burners
GHG76-311F Full brass burner gas hob stove with 3 burners
GHG76-311F Full brass burner gas hob stove with 3 burners

Dimple hobs have been engineered with Indian cooking habits in mind. New Hob Top models are equipped with full brass burners for even distribution of heat, strong pan support and with flame failure device optional for safety. We present a wide range of designs from stainless steel hob top with brushed steel finish to elegant tempered glass hob top with the 8mm thick. 63% plus heat efficiency for saving gas.

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GHG76-311F Full brass burner gas hob stove with 3 burners

This gas hob comes with 3 burners, which satisfy multi-task cooking for a family with 3-8 people. Elegant black tempered glass with 8mm thickness helps to scale up your kitchen. This gas hob is equipped with heat load 4.8kw/1.5kw/4.8kw (left to right). You can cook a variety of dishes efficiently without trouble. The contemporary design of this built-in gas hob aims to blend and enhance the beauty of any kitchen adding a sense of upscale luxury. Last but not least, a special FFD (Flame Failure Device) function was added to the gas stove. It ensures that the fuel supply to a gas appliance is cut off automatically and immediately if for any reason the flame goes out or becomes unstable.

Model Name GHG76-311F
Toughened glass 760mm black tempered glass
Burner Size 90mm/70mm/90mm
Heat Load 4.8kw/1.5kw/4.8kw
Thermal efficiency ≥63%
Ignition type Auto ignition (battery)
Burner Cap Type Full brass burner
Pan Support Square pan support
Pan Support Material Matt Enamel pan support ( optional cast iron pan support)
Drip Tray Full-sealing Stainless Steel
Knob Metal Knob
Product size 760*440*115mm
Install Cutting Size 680*380mm
Package Size 810*490*200mm
Loading QTY 860pc/40HQ

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Dimple warmly welcome all kinds of OEM/ODM orders!What are the classifications of gas hobs?
1. According to the gas source used by the gas hob: it can be divided into liquefied petroleum gas hob, natural gas hob and artificial gas hob, etc.;
2.According to the hob surface material: can be divided into stainless steel hob, marble hob and tempered glass hob, etc.;
3.According to the number of burners: it can be divided into single-burner hob, double-burner hob, three-burner hob and multi-burner hob, etc.;
4.According to the position of the burner to introduce the air: it can be divided into the upper air inlet hob and the lower air inlet hob;
5.According to the installation method: it can be divided into embedded hob and desktop hob.


What’s the working principles of a gas hob?
When the gas hob is working, the gas enters into the hob from in and out, and is sprayed out from the fire hole of the fire divider through the adjustment of the gas and is ignited by the ignition device. Therefore a flame is formed. The air required for combustion is scaled for secondary air, the flame is used to heat the cookware on the heating pot holder.


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