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  • GFG86-511H Tablet gas hob, tempered glass cook top 76cm 5 burners with Jumbo burner
GFG86-511H Tablet gas hob, tempered glass cook top 76cm 5 burners with Jumbo burner
GFG86-511H Tablet gas hob, tempered glass cook top 76cm 5 burners with Jumbo burner

This model is suitable for big families with many dishes to cook. The traditional 2 and 3 burners gas hob can not satisfy the multi-task cooking any more. With this 5-burner gas hob, you can cook 5 dishes at the same time. It helps you saving much time and allows you to enjoying family time. The black tempered glass panel can blend in well with your other appliances and scale up your kitchen.

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GFG86-511H Tablet gas hob, tempered glass cook top 76cm 5 burners with Jumbo burner

kitchenaid gas cooktop

Model Name GFG86-511H
Toughened glass 860x450x6mm, with Aluminum alloy edge wrapping
Burner Size 90mm/ 70mm/ 110mm/ 70mm/ 90mm
Heat Load 2.0KW/ 1.5KW/ 3.0KW/ 1.5KW/ 2.0KW
Thermal efficiency 66%
Ignition type Pulse ignition
Burner Cap Type Brass Burner with Black Coating
Pan Support Square
Pan Support Material Matt Enamel pan support (optional cast iron pan support)
Drip Tray Full-sealing Stainless Steel
Knob Metal Knob
Aluminum Frame Different colors optional (black, silver, red, pink...)
Product size 860x450x28mm
Install Cutting Size Free Installation
Package Size 920x510x150mm
Loading QTY 40HQ: 850pcs/ 20FT: 360pcs


Why should you choose this model?
Dimple GFG tablet hob features free-installation. You don't have to worry about cutting a hole in your table. The Aluminum alloy frame has multiple color options, making it better to match other kitchen appliances. It comes with optional enameled and cast-iron pan support, with different shapes for your choice. You can choose different buttons as well. The black tempered glass panel not only displays a stylish design, but also withstands high temperatures up to 800℃. It has the thinnest body in the industry with only 28 mm. Featuring upper air combustion, our gas hob can reach 66% efficiency. It satisfies multi-task cooking, now you can enjoy entertaining your guests. 101C90-P Frameless Pyramid Wall mounted Range hood-kitchenaid gas cooktopjenn air cooktop jenn air cooktop jenn air cooktopQ.What’s the cutting size of the table?
A: This gas hob can be put on the table without cutting a hole. It’s more convenient to use, clean and maintain.


Q.What’s the combustion way of this gas hob?
A: The combustion way of this gas hob is upper air combustion. Combustion air is the air that is supplied to combustion appliances to be used in the combustion of fuels and the process of venting combustion gases.


Q.What is a Kitchen Hob?
A: A kitchen hob is a cooking appliance used to cook food. It often comes with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 burners. In terms of design, hobs come in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes, which means it should be easy to find one that complements your style of cooking and your kitchen.


Q.How to install this cook top?

• Please use a soft pipe connector, and a special gas pipe to connect.
• The hose must be inserted to the red mark of the soft pipe and fixed with a clamp. The length of the pipe should be less than 150cm.
• When the hose is connected with the soft pipe connector, please do not let the air inlet pipe touch any part of the hob or be placed under the hob. Make sure the pipe is not pressed, twisted, or bend by other objects.
• When assembled, please avoid the soft pipe from any force, otherwise, the connector will be damaged. If damage is found during assembling, please stop and contact your local dealer.

• For gas hob designed to use a spiral connector, please use spiral connect.
It can also be connected with hard pipe or metal soft pipe.
• Please change the soft pipe every year.
• hexagonal nut of the connector. Avoid damage of the hob.
Please use a sealing pad when connecting, twist it tight with a spanner and hold the
• indication of the hard pipe connecting method, and avoid damage to the connector and plastic pad.


Q.How to use this gas hob?
Gas flow to the burners is adjusted by turning the knobs, so that the indicator line points to the symbols printed on the panel, achieves the following functions:
symbol “” closed valve
symbol “ ” maximum aperture or flow
symbol “” minimum aperture or flow




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