GFG60-311H Tablet gas hob, tempered glass cook top 60cm 3 burners
GFG60-311H Tablet gas hob, tempered glass cook top 60cm 3 burners

This is a free installation gas hob. The ultra slim body with only 28mm, thinnest in among the industry, offering the high-end looks. The black tempered glass panel not only displays a stylish design, but also with stands high temperature up to 800 degree. The high class anodized frame prevents the hob from scratching and corrosion. Further more, the fully sealed construction makes it super easy to clean.


Designed to perform as well as its looks, our gas hob features upper air combustion which ensures safety and burning efficiency. It applies to any types of cabinet. The durable independent pulse ignition provides easy and long lasting performance. Mover over, this cook top offers you economical benefits with high thermal efficiency up to 66%.

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GFG60-311H Tablet gas hob, tempered glass cook top 60cm 3 burners

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Model Name GFG60-311H
Toughened glass 600*520*6mm, with Aluminum alloy edge wrapping
Burner Size 70mm/70mm/90mm
Heat Load 1.5KW/ 1.5KW/ 2.0KW
Thermal efficiency 66%
Ignition type Pulse ignition
Burner Type Brass Burner Cap with Black Coating
Pan Support Square
Pan Support Material Matt Enamel pan support (cast iron pan support optional)
Drip Tray Full-sealing Stainless Steel
Knob Metal Knob
Aluminum Frame Different colors optional (black, silver, red, pink...)
Product size 600x520x28mm
Install Cutting Size /
Package Size 660x580x150mm
Loading QTY 40HQ: 1200pcs/ 20FT: 500pcs

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Q.What’s the cutting size of the table?
A: This gas hob can be put on the table without cutting a hole. It’s more convenient to use, clean and maintain.


Q.What’s the combustion way of this gas hob?
A: The combustion way of this gas hob is upper air combustion. Combustion air is the air that is supplied to combustion appliances to be used in the combustion of fuels and the process of venting combustion gases.


Q.What is a Kitchen Hob?
A: A kitchen hob is a cooking appliance used to cook food. It often comes with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 burners. In terms of design, hobs come in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes, which means it should be easy to find one that complements your style of cooking and your kitchen.


Q.How to use this gas hob?
Gas flow to the burners is adjusted by turning the knobs, so that the indicator line points to the symbols printed on the panel, achieves the following functions:
symbol “” closed valve
symbol “ ” maximum aperture or flow
symbol “” minimum aperture or flow




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