106FA Split lifting range hood high extraction rate low noise
106FA Split lifting range hood high extraction rate low noise

This is a detachable range hood. Its innovative construction helps customers save transportation costs, and offers a classic high-end appearance. This range hood is a piece of art in your kitchen. Black tempered glass finish, high suctioning power, these excellent features have captured customers’ eyes. We’re receiving many inquiries from many international well-known brands.

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106FA Split lifting range hood high extraction rate low noise

A range hood allows you to eliminate cooking fumes grease or other harmful gases in your kitchen. This kitchen hood is must-have kitchen appliance. It can scale up your kitchen, and also bring the best innovative features to keep your home save. Unique structure with split body and panel making it easy to install and disassemble. The innovative construction helps you to save more space and transportation cost. Especially, we own the exclusive patent.

Elegant tempered glass panel is super easy to clean. Gesture sensor control leaves your fingers free. Due to its large air exhaust of over 1000 m³/h, super static pressure of 330pa. High airflow low noise, users will obtain better experience.

After cooking, we can disassemble the front glass to clean the inside suction area. Also, the stainless steel oil collector can be easily cleaned. Full-sealed motor, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-creeping, contributes to the long-lasting good performance.

Heat auto-clean technology is applied to this model, makes it more functional and easy maintaining.

Model No. 106FA90 Filter Filterless Concept
Finish Black powder coating + Black tempered glass Oil collector Stainless Steel
Airflow 1000m3/h Blower Metal Blower
Motor Power 290W Auto-clean Heat Auto-clean Technology
Control 3 Speed Motion Sensor Control Packing Dimensions (W*D*H) Panel box: 950*455*175mm

Main body box:705*445*350mm

Lamp LED 2W Loading QTY (40HQ) 420pcs
Delivery & Service Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.

Chimney and panel are detachable. It an innovative construction. We own the construction patent.

Chimney and panel are connected through guide rails. No screws or screw drivers are used, saving time and energy.

Motor housing and blower are assembled together with the chimney, separated from the panel. It generates lower noise while using.Why should you choose this cooker hood?

Heat Auto-clean
The oil/grease melts through the high temperature and flows to the oil collector.

Motion Sensor Control
The infrared motion sensor recognizes and interprets hand movements. It avoids poor touch by greasy hands.

Automatically open panel, High suction 1000M3/H
The glass automatically opens quickly and prevents the oil fume from escaping. It effectively avoids the smoke from going to the sides of the chimney.

Easy to install and disassemble
This cooker hood is easy to install and assemble by just clicking on and off. No screws or screw drivers are needed. Makes after sales more sufficient.


Separated package
The panel and main body are packed in different boxes. This can maximize the loading quantity in a container, saving much transportation cost.

ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management system are adopted to maintain high quality of our products.

When it comes to development, we hold product quality and user experience in the highest regard. We manage quality in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001. From R&D to production, PDM, ERP, MES is adopted to ensure quality. Most of our products are designed in compliance with international standards such as GS/CE/EMC/LVD/CB/CCC.

Our product development is market oriented. We don’t just stay at home and make products that we think are good. We actually go to our target markets, see what consumers’ likes and dislikes. Then we tell our customers what’s popular in the market and make them success in the completion.

It took only ten years for Dimple to become one of Chinese Top 10 cooker hood and gas hob manufacturers.
The reason why we developed in such fast pace and surpassed our competitors is we've always insisted our principles since the day this company was founded.
Fully understand and fulfill customers' needs, create values for customers, always keep a strong business relation with the international leading brands. All these principles will guide us to a bright future!


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