102EB-90 New T-shape range hood with slope design 90cm
102EB-90 New T-shape range hood with slope design 90cm
102EB-90 New T-shape range hood with slope design 90cm

Dimple wall mounted range hood 102EB-90, comes with auto clean technology which helps you to clean your chimney by just touching one button. Oil collector is able to collect oils and other residues making it easy to keep the chimney clean. The dimensions of this chimney are perfect for a small to mid-size kitchens. Suction power is referred to the consumption of oil and smoke particles while you are cooking in your kitchen. This cooker hood has a higher suction power which helps you to cook your food comfortably without trouble.

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102EB-90 New T-shape range hood with slope design 90cm

kitchen extractor hood

Introducing Dimple 102EB-90 range hoods, featuring high quality stainless steel, powerful 750m³/h suction power, touch control with motion sensor, and 2 LED lights. This model is constructed of 430 grade stainless steel and come with powerful ventilation blowers to handle all your cooking needs. It features a tempered glass control panel to add beauty to your cooking experience. Energy efficient LED lights and filter less features are included as well.


モデル番号. 102EB-90 フィルタ 1pc baffle filter
終了 ステンレス鋼 430 オイルコレクター ステンレス鋼
気流 750m3 / h ブロワー メタルブロワー
Rated input power 234W 自動クリーニング ヒートオートクリーニング
コントロール 3 Speed Touch Control with motion sensor パッキング寸法 (W * D * H) 945*550*505んん
ランプ LED 2x1.5W 数量の読み込み (20GP / 40HQ) 96pcs/250pcs
配達 & サービス 毎回タイムリーな配達. 信頼できるサービスを提供し、各製品で各顧客に責任を負います. 私たちの目標は、すべての顧客を最高のサービスで満足させることです.


How is this product produced?


すべての金属部品は私たちの金属工場で生産されました, 各部品の品質を管理するために厳格な検査を行っています. 検査後, これらの金属部品は組立ラインに配送されます. 組み立て中, これらの金属部品は、表面に引っかき傷や損傷がないことを確認するために、組み立て作業員によって再度チェックされます, すべての寸法が正しい.


PCB生産ラインは、レンジフード用の高品質PCBを製造しています. 組立ラインで, MESシステムを採用してプロセス全体を管理し、すべての労働者が正しく仕事を行えるようにしています. テレビの表示画面には、生産ラインの実際の日付が表示されます. 生産能力の向上に役立ちます, と品質管理.


組み立て後, 炊飯器のフードはQCによる厳格な検査を受けています. 彼らは外観をチェックします, 基本機能, 完成した調理器具のフードをすべて倉庫に置く前に、慎重に梱包してください.102FA-90 Newly designed T-shape baffle filter range hood 90cm-What to Consider When Choosing the Best Range Hood?

1.Suction power (airflow)
Suction power is one of the most important factors to consider in a range hood. If you’re an Asia importer looking for a suitable range hood, you’ll need a high suction power range hood because Asian cooking creates a lot of grease, fume and odor ect. Range hood which comes with high suction power can certainly vent the unwanted gas and odors out of the kitchen. For apartments with shared flue in the wall, a Chinese system range hood is the best choice.

Most range hood suppliers offer range hoods with multi speeds, for example one to six speeds. A model with at least two speeds is ideal because it provides users with options while cooking. More than 3 speeds is not necessary. Dimple cooker hoods come with 3 speed control which is just convenient to use.
3.Noise Level
Noise level is reference to suction power. It’s important to keep in mind though that more powerful range hoods with higher suction power tend to be louder. Please ask your supplier about the noise level to ensure it won’t have complaints in the future.

Some range hood suppliers tend to add as many features as possible.
Timer: automatically turn off the fan after a certain number of minutes.
Temperature sensors: to turn on the range hood’s fan automatically when heat was detected.
LED lamps: will Energy saving and require replacing less frequently.

Different countries have different installation environment. While choosing the right type of range hood, please consider the installation environment in your country. Ducted models have vents at either the top or back, facilitating different styles of installation. You might consider hiring a person to do so. Ductless models are easy to install, user can do it themselves.



あなたがについていくつかの問題がある場合 102EB-90 New T-shape range hood with slope design 90cm, またはTシェイプレンジフードの詳細を知りたい,垂直レンジフード,キャビネットシリーズの下,タブレットガスホブシリーズ,超薄型ガスコンロシリーズ,等. お問い合わせへようこそ!