GSG76-310H Ultra slim gas hob stove with tempered glass gas cook top 3 burners
GSG76-310H Ultra slim gas hob stove with tempered glass gas cook top 3 burners

GSG76-310H gas hob, is also called hob top or cooker hob, with high quality tempered glass and brass burners. It comes with 3 burners, round shape , optional cast iron or enamel pan support, different burner size of 90/70/90mm, different heat load of 2.0KW/1.5KW/2.0KW for your options. This gas hob comes with 2 options, built-in or free installation with the optional rubber legs. For those who doesn't prefer cutting a hole on the table, it offers you a perfect solution. GSG76-310H gas hob, is energy conservation, safety, efficient and stable property with elegant and modern design.

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GSG76-310H Ultra slim gas hob stove with tempered glass gas cook top 3 burners

Model Name GSG76-310H
Toughened glass 760x450x6mm, with Aluminum alloy edge wrapping
Burner Size 90mm/70mm/90mm
Heat Load 2.0KW/ 1.5KW/ 2.0KW
Thermal efficiency 66%
Ignition type Pulse ignition
Burner Type Brass Burner Cap with Black Coating
Pan Support Round
Pan Support Material Matt Enamel pan support (cast iron pan support optional)
Drip Tray Full-sealing Stainless Steel
Knob Bakelite Knob
Product size 760x450x26mm (optional rubber legs: 35mm)
Install Cutting Size 733x423 (4-R1)
Package Size 830x520x150mm
Loading QTY 40HQ: 1000pcs/ 20FT: 430pcs

1.It can be used as tablet and built-in hob, which suits for different kitchens.
2. Its up air-inlet burner will not affected by the structure of kitchen cabinet.
3. High temperature resistant aluminum alloy burner and gas distributor, are not easy to corrode, durable;
4. Copper alloy flame cover, high temperature resistant, non-deformed, durable;
5. High thermal efficiency can achieve 66%.

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