103T60-T curve shape tempered glass high suction range hood 60cm
103T60-T καμπύλη σχήμα σκληρυμένο γυαλί υψηλής αναρρόφησης κουκούλα 60cm

Dimple 103T range hood has a slope design, and outer oil collector that provides better oil collection. It features a filterless concept, which is detachable. You can take it out and clean it easily. It comes with a 3-speed touch panel, together with gesture control, which avoids poor touch by greasy hands. 9-minute heat auto-clean function ensures easy cleaning! The black tempered glass panel is also detachable, therefore maintenance is super efficient and easy. Featuring high suctioning power up to 850m³/h, it can better traps the unwanted grease, smoke, odors, and vent it out of your kitchen. Lastly, curved shape tempered glass, and black powder coating body, makes it super easy to clean!

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103T60-T καμπύλη σχήμα σκληρυμένο γυαλί υψηλής αναρρόφησης κουκούλα 60cm

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Αριθμός Μοντέλου. 103T60-T Φίλτρο Filterless concept
Φινίρισμα Black powder coating Συλλέκτης λαδιού Stainless steel
Ροή αέρα 850m3 / ώρα Φυσητήρας Μεταλλικός ανεμιστήρας
Ισχύς κινητήρα 180Δ Auto-clean Θέρμανση Αυτόματο καθαρισμό
Ελεγχος 3-Speed Gesture Control Διαστάσεις συσκευασίας (Π * Δ * Η) 655*565*510χιλ
Λάμπα LED 2x1.5W Φόρτωση QTY (20GP / 40HQ) 149/362τεμ
Διανομή & Υπηρεσία Έγκαιρη παράδοση κάθε φορά. Παρέχετε αξιόπιστη εξυπηρέτηση και υπεύθυνη για κάθε πελάτη με κάθε προϊόν. Στόχος μας είναι να ικανοποιήσουμε κάθε πελάτη με την καλύτερη εξυπηρέτηση.

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Foshan Dimple Electric Appliance Co., Ltd was established in 2010, we are specializing in range hoods, gas hobs, and other small household appliances. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of “Integrity, Aggressive, Innovation, Excess", the company actively expands the global market and has established long-term relationships with many known brands. Especially in the India market, we have dominant market share. Dimple also get into another market like Vietnam, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, USA at an ideal speed.

The company has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001. We are adopting PDM, ERP, MES to control the whole process from R&D to quality to ensure reliable quality and timely delivery. Most of our products are covered with CCC, GS / CE / EMC / LVD, CB certifications.

Through years of development, the company has always adhered to the company mission "Provides market-satisfied products and service", Dimple keep on invest in R&D, improve order lead time, giving full support to our partners.

Going forward, we are going further deep in increasing the performance and design of range hood, and we are developing ranges of built-in hob, tablet hob, super slim cook-top to cater all different kinds of better cooking experience to realize our vision, let us ”Enjoy cooking”!


Dimple warmly welcome all kinds of OEM/ODM orders!




Εάν έχετε κάποια προβλήματα 103T60-T καμπύλη σχήμα σκληρυμένο γυαλί υψηλής αναρρόφησης κουκούλα 60cm, ή θέλετε να μάθετε περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες για το T Shape Range Hood,Κατακόρυφη κουκούλα,Κάτω από τη σειρά ντουλαπιών,Tablet Gas Hob Series,Εξαιρετικά λεπτή σειρά αερίων αερίου,και τα λοιπά. Καλώς ήλθατε να επικοινωνήσετε μαζί μας!

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