GSG76-410H Ultra slim gas hob stove with tempered glass gas cook top 4 burners
GSG76-410H Ultratenký plynový sporák s plynovou varnou deskou z tvrzeného skla 4 hořáky

GSG76-410H gas hob, is also called hob top or cooker hob, with high quality tempered glass and brass burners. It comes with 4 hořáky, round shape, optional cast iron or enamel pan support, different burner size of 90mm/70mm/90mm/70mm, different heat load of 2.0KW/ 1.5KW/ 2.0KW/1.5KW for your options. Tato plynová varná deska je dodávána s 2 options, built-in or free installation with the optional rubber legs. For those who doesn't prefer cutting a hole on the table, it offers you a perfect solution. GSG76-410H gas hob, is energy conservation, safety, efficient and stable property with elegant and modern design.

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GSG76-410H Ultratenký plynový sporák s plynovou varnou deskou z tvrzeného skla 4 hořáky

Jméno modelu GSG76-410H
Tvrzené sklo 760x450x6mm, with Aluminum alloy edge wrapping
Velikost hořáku 90mm/70mm/90mm/70mm
Tepelné zatížení 2.0KW/ 1.5KW/ 2.0KW/1.5KW
Tepelná účinnost 66%
Typ zapalování Pulse ignition
Burner Type Brass Burner Cap with Black Coating
Podpora pánve Kolo
Podpůrný materiál pánve Matná smaltovaná podpěra pánve (volitelná podpora litinové pánve)
Odkapávací miska Plně těsnící nerezová ocel
Knoflík Bakelite Knob
Velikost produktu 760x450x26mm (volitelné gumové nohy: 35mm)
Nainstalujte velikost řezu 733x423 (4-R1)
Velikost balení 830x520x150mm
Načítá se POČET 40HQ: 1000ks / 20FT: 430ks

1.It can be used as tablet and built-in hob, which suits for different kitchens.
2. Its up air-inlet burner will not affected by the structure of kitchen cabinet.
3. High temperature resistant aluminum alloy burner and gas distributor, are not easy to corrode, durable;
4. Copper alloy flame cover, high temperature resistant, non-deformed, durable;
5. High thermal efficiency can achieve 66%.Honesty and Integrity
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