104K70-P Slim hood 3 speed push button aluminum filter range hood
104K70-P Slim hood 3 speed push button aluminum filter range hood

This is a slime rang hood, which comes with three speeds for different cooking habits. The 2x100W powerful motor offering efficient suction power. The ultra-slim structure makes the range hood almost hidden in the cabinet, providing an elegant appearance to your kitchen. 2*1.5W energy efficient LED lights light up the cooking area, making the food you’re cooking look more tempting and delicious. We Dimple always bring joy and fun to customer as a range hood and gas hob manufacturer and supplier.

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104K70-P Slim hood 3 speed push button aluminum filter range hood

Model name 104K70-P
Size 70cm
Řízení 3 speed push button
Motor Power 2x100W
LED 2x1.5W
Filtr Aluminum filters
Proud vzduchu 300m3/hr
Velikost produktu 696x480x135(mm)
Packing size 740x180x525(mm)
Air outlet 120mm
Pipe No pipe
Motor Housing Plastic
Dmychadlo Plastic
Charcoal filter With 2pcs of charcoal filters
Loading Quantity 20GP: 370ks
40ústředí: 928ks

An under-cabinet range hood is a hood that is hidden under the cabinet. It can be ducted of ductless. A ducted under cabinet range hood is equipped with a pipe, which goes through the wall to the outside of the building. It requires a professional person to install the range hood as the ducting work is complicated, which needs to be placed in the right position. This type of range hood ensures the smoke are vented out of your kitchen, which keeps your kitchen odor free. Another type is ductless range hood, which has no ducting work with the range hood. This type of range hood normally comes with charcoal filters inside the hood. The filters inside the hood makes it easier to circulate the air in your kitchen.


Under cabinet range hood normally have powerful fans that trap and absorb grease to prevent combustion products from building up on your cabinets or appliances and other things. One of the most important features to be considered when choosing an under cabinet range hood is the fan speed and noise level as it determines its efficiency and comfort level when in application.


An under-cabinet range hood makes it easier to clean your cabinets and kitchen appliances as it traps all the smoke and airborne particles when cooking food. They also come in a wide variety of styles and designs so you can always choose one that fits perfectly in your kitchen. The most popular one is the stainless steel type as they are durable and have a state of the art design.




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