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Who we are

আমাদের যাত্রা শুরু হয়েছিল 2010, যখন ডিম্পলটি আবেগের সাথে প্রতিষ্ঠিত হয়েছিল এবং বাজার সন্তোষজনক পণ্য এবং পরিষেবাদি সরবরাহের উদ্দেশ্যে. পেশাদারভাবে স্টাইলিশ রেঞ্জ হুডগুলি থেকে, মার্জিত নকশা গ্যাস hobs, এবং অন্যান্য ছোট সরঞ্জাম, আমাদের পণ্যগুলি সর্বদা আমাদের গ্রাহকদের তাদের অনন্য বৈশিষ্ট্য সহ উত্তেজনা নিয়ে আসে. এইভাবে আমরা পেশাদার প্রতিযোগী OEM / ODM রান্নাঘরের সরঞ্জাম সরবরাহকারী হিসাবে আমাদের প্রতিযোগীদের থেকে নিজেকে আলাদা করি.

Key to our success

At Dimple, we value integrity, aggression, and innovation. These are the core spirits that have guided us to becoming one of the top 10 range hood and gas hob suppliers in China. In the past decade, we’ve successfully left our footprints in global markets such as Southeast Asia, South, and North America and the Middle East at a fast pace. Always thinking in terms of what’s best for our customers is the main reason why we keep a close relationship with many international famous brands.

Our confidence

When it comes to development, we hold product quality and user experience in the highest regard. We manage quality in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001. From R&D to production, PDM, ERP, MES is adopted to ensure quality. Most of our products are designed in compliance with international standards such as GS/CE/EMC/LVD/CB/CCC.

Our vision in the future

In the future, we’ll continue to deliver values to our customers by investing more in R&D, enhancing the performance of our range hoods and gas hobs. Let customers enjoy cooking!


It took only ten years for Dimple to become one of the Chinese Top 10 cooker hood and gas hob manufacturers.

The reason why we developed at such a fast pace and surpassed our competitors is we’ve always insisted on our principles since the day this company was founded.

Fully understand and fulfill customersneeds, create values for customers, always keep a strong business relation with the international leading brandsAll these principles will guide us to a bright future!


Our Major Overseas Markets: India, Vietnam, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, Sri Lanka, South Africa, US, Thailand, Indonesia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Pakistan…



10 sets CNC bending machines
53 sets punching machines
3 sets hydraulic machines
1 set laser cutting machine
2 sets laser-beam welding machines
2 sets steel plate shearers
7 sets four-axis swing arm robots

Our confidence

4 lines for chimney hoods (Daily output 2000PCS)
2 lines for gas hobs (Daily output 2000PCS)
2 lines for ceramic hobs (Daily output 4000PCS)
2 lines for water purifiers (Daily output 1000PCS)





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Four-axis swing arm robots

Factory Sites

Hardware & Metal Plant

Chimney Hood Plant

Hardware & Metal Plant

PCB Plant


Airflow & Suction tester

Drop & Noise tester

Salt spray, Constant temperature & humidity tester

Vibration tester

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