Perspective: Home Appliance Industry in 2017 Will Present 7 Trends

BACK 2017-02-27 14:13:12

China's household electrical appliance industry research institution Zhong Yi Kang has released a report that this year the domestic home appliance industry  will present 7 significant trends.

First, kitchen and bathroom, and  life electric appliance will continue to drive the industry growth. Zhong Yi kang calculates that this year the domestic home appliance sales scale will reach about 1.64 trillion yuan, up 4.5% from a year earlier. While the white and black electrical appliances, kitchen and bathroom, and life electric appliances, will increase by 0.5%, 5.4%, 9.9% and 0.5% respectively. With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for improving the quality of life is higher and higher,  hence the increase rate of kitchen and bathroom, and life electric appliances is much higher than traditional home appliances.

Second, a variety of retail channels will accelerate convergence. "Online + Offline + logistics + service" mode is changing the market. When electronic commerce enterprises are maintaining high-speed growth, they should pay more attention to combine online and offline market at the same time.

Third, costs rise and products upgrade. Since the second half of 2016, steel, copper, aluminum and other raw materials' costs have surged more than 30%, the labour costs is also sharp rising. And all of these caused the electrical appliances enterprises' profit greatly compressed. At the same time, as people's incomes rise, and their demands for high-end home appliances are increasing a lot. So electrical appliances enterprises need to tighten the product upgrading, and take high-end course.

Fourth, intelligent household ecosystem will gradually become the mainstream. Intelligent household ecosystem based on the Internet of things technology, as a whole hardware, software, and cloud computing platform, can realize the remote control, interconnection between electrical appliances, and self learning, and other functions. Zhong Yi kang thinks, as the penetration rate of smart TV more than 90%, and the intelligent white electrical appliances permeability is more than 20%, the intelligent household ecosystem will gradually become the mainstream.

Fifth, healthy concept is deepening. With the improvement of people's pursuit of healthy lives, how to safeguard the health will be a more and more important factor to be considered when designing a home appliance product. The electrical appliances product or function in the areas of diet and health care, household environment, and personal care will be hot spots for consumption.

Sixth, home appliance enterprises will gradually go into the era of intelligent manufacturing. Under the impetus of national policy, the home appliance enterprises will accelerate their intellectualization transformation. In the future there will form a set of intelligent ecosystem which integrate research and development, manufacture, sales, user interaction, and after-sales service.

Seventh, "Hardware + Service" era will be fully coming.The future home appliance enterprises will no longer be a simple hardware vendor, but both hardware seller and service seller, even will give priority to service sales. This behaves particularly outstanding in the field of smart TV, and will become an important feature of the home appliance industry in the future.