Kitchen electrical industry in the future development of the sword that intelligence

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In recent years, the smart home appliance industry transformation has penetrated into a variety of home appliances category, not only occupy the majority of the market share of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning in the development of intelligent, in recent years the development speed was significantly better than the industry began to layout kitchen Intelligent.

In 2016 China Household Electrical Appliances Technology Conference on the professional kitchen appliances, including side too, the boss, the United States, Haier, Vantage, including upstream and downstream industries, scientific research institutions, technical experts all together, combing industry development and market upgrading The impact of kitchen and electricity industry on the technical direction of development in depth.

The first technology roadmap of China's kitchen electric industry released on that day shows that the trend of intelligent, low-efficiency, health, environmental protection and low-noise is obvious in the global trend of intelligent development. Which brings intelligence to consumers convenience and experience is unprecedented, these new elements to give products to a higher level of development, forward.

This trend also led to the development of the market, 2016 kitchen electrical products before the continuation of good momentum, is still a year of rapid growth. According to the PRC, January to August 2016, the domestic appliance market as a whole the size of retail sales of 535.4 billion, down 2.5% over the same period the size of the kitchen appliance market reached 53.3 billion, an increase of 13% growth rate is much higher Overall home appliance market.

The past 2016 is also the kitchen electrical technology innovation and productive year. Haier released the kitchen electric strategy, the introduction of different types of intelligent kitchen solutions, the first intelligent application to the kitchen life scenes, to provide consumers with a new experience; Fangtai representatives at the meeting to show the audience The latest technological achievements in the research and development of gas stove products, the optical diagnostic technology will be used in the development of gas stove, and then guide the design and optimization of gas stove.

And occupy most of the share of the appliance market, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning, compared to the kitchen in the intelligent transition in fact has a unique advantage. Whether the refrigerator, washing machine or air conditioning, are in the form of a single product in the user's home, and kitchen appliances not only traditional hood, gas stoves, as well as new ovens, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, Is the main part of the consumer kitchen life, the use of the frequency of ice washing and other large products than the high.

Compared with other appliances, kitchen appliances, intelligent transformation has inherent advantages, and the convenience of intelligent experience easier to be accepted by consumers. At the same time, far beyond the growth rate of the industry, but also to the kitchen electrical industry has the strength and basis for transformation!