Our Mission: To provide the market with satisfactory products a nd service.

Our Vision:

To be the No.1 exporter of cooker hood.

To provide new products solution for emerging gas hob market.

To focus on improving the city life water use.

To be the leading manufacturer of high-end ceramic hob product.

Our Spirit: Integrity, Aggressive, Innovation, Excess.

Our Shared Value: Be a person with moral bottom line, a nd produce the products with moral bottom line.

Our Corporation Principles:

Management Principle: Full Involvement & Full Sharing.

Administration Principle: To prevent the abnormal situation from happening in advance, while not to repair it after happening.

Quality Principle: To make ourselves satisfied first, then let our customers be satisfied.

Service Principle: To create value for our customers.

Market Principle: To be a strategic partner to good brands.

Talents Principle: To be with people who are aspiring.

Safety Principle: Don't play jokes on our body a nd life.

Cost Principle: Don't let the waste happen to me.

Development Principle: Don't be a follower of the market.

Our Corporation Policy: Pragmatic Innovation & Scientific Development, Forge Ahead & Unceasingly Surmount ourselves.

Our Working Regulation:

1. We propose that do everything start from every single man, start from small things, a nd start from every position.

2. Dedicated, Responsible, Obedient a nd regard protecting company's benefits as our duty !